World Values Day

World Values Day
World Values Day

Today is World Values Day.

World Values Day is an opportunity to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them. Values are the heart of every organisation given that they reflect what is important to us. As employees and consumers, we are looking to identify with the companies we associate ourselves with more and more.

To recognise this year’s World Values Day, we would like to highlight some of our company values at Considerate Hoteliers, and why they are important to us.

Value 1- Collaborative

Considerate Hoteliers was formed to help businesses operate more responsibly, with the goal of reducing our negative impact on the environment. It is often stated that a collective approach will be necessary to address the challenges related to climate change. A report issued by the Business for Social Responsibility organisation (BSR) earlier this year suggests that we must maintain and strengthen our collaborations effectively to have a significant impact throughout supply chains. It is essential to form strong networks & partnerships in order to effect meaningful change. We at Considerate Hoteliers work extremely closely with a series of partner companies to enable us to offer effective solutions to a wide range of challenges.

Furthermore our work at Considerate Hoteliers is aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – in themselves a prime example of how over-arching goals can only be achieved through collaboration.

Value 2- Innovative

We think creatively to find meaningful solutions to our clients’ challenges and have therefore created an innovative data management system, Con-Serve™, specifically tailored for the hospitality industry. Additionally we are now using technology to develop a mobile app which can be used by SME’s in the sector to monitor and effectively manage energy consumption. But we also use innovative methods to encourage behavioural change in staff through creative workshops & bespoke advisory programmes for our clients based on their specific needs.

Value 3- Dedicated

Success & change do not happen overnight. We are a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to driving responsible business practices, and we are constantly working towards achieving that goal.

Value 4- Considerate

We are mindful and respectful of the impact of our every action and of the needs of our colleagues, clients and partners, as well as of course of our surrounding environment.

Value 5- Honest

We operate ethically, responsibly and with transparency at all times.

Value 6- Leaders

Our overall mission is to be leaders in delivering innovative solutions for sustainability. We are proud of our values and strive to integrate them in to our everyday actions as we work towards our goal.

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