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WRAP Plastics Situation Report

May 15, 2016

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Kate Orszulik

The WRAP  Plastics Situation Report provides an update on key developments over the past few years. The previous update to the WRAP Plastics Market Situation Report was published in 2011.

Our Partner WRAP publishes a series of Market Situation Reports that provide in-depth information on the latest economic, market and regulatory trends affecting the capture and recycling of key recovered materials.

WRAP is a catalyst for positive economic and environmental action. It works uniquely, and by design, in the space between governments, businesses, communities, thinkers and individuals – forging powerful partnerships and delivering ground-breaking initiatives to support more sustainable economies and society. WRAP is the world leader in establishing the facts, getting the right people working together, then converting ideas into action and delivery on the ground.

Download the WRAP Plastics Situation Report – Spring 2016