Your Business is Food

Your Business is Food
Your Business is Food

Your Business is Food; Don’t Throw it Away! Get involved in our week of action from 20-26 November 2017. Considerate Hoteliers is working with our partner WRAP to help your hospitality business throw away less food, which can help boost your profits whilst reducing your environmental impact.

Here are a few facts about food thrown away in the hospitality and food service (HaFS) sector:

• 920,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by the sector each year
• 18% of all food purchased in the sector is wasted
• 3/4 of this, is food that could have been eaten
• This is equivalent to 1.3 billion meals…or 1 in 6 meals served
• £10,000 is average cost per outlet per year

But food waste an issue that businesses can take action on, and the good news is that it doesn’t cost the Earth and it needn’t be time consuming. In fact, it has been demonstrated (by WRAP and others working with the HaFS sector) that businesses who monitor and measure the food that they throw away, on a regular basis, can help to identify hotspots and take action.This means that they can and do make substantial savings to their bottom line. This is where “Your business is food, don’t throw it away” comes in.

We are really excited to show you some simple tools and techniques in the starter pack kit, so you can make preparations to get involved in the campaign. If you can’t join the week of action during November, you  can still download the free toolkit and get cracking with tracking in the New Year.

Do look out for further updates on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn #YourBusinessIsFood.


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